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A Beginners Guide to Music Theory

Music Theory can improve your music writing skills significantly! In this video, you may learn the most important concepts a beginner should learn.

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Daily Singing Exercises For An Awesome Voice

Sing like a Pro. Put time and effort and practice daily. If you exercise your voice daily then you will imporive dramatically.

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Can Anyone Learn To Sing

Do you want to be a good singer. In this video, discussed about how can you learn to sing.

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Basic Dynamics in Music

For those who don’t know, a singing lesson is where the teacher listens to your voice and tells you how to improve. Some lessons are in private rooms with a one-on-one instructor, while others are in groups of other students. What to Expect from Your Lesson? Singing lessons can help you improve your singing voice, […]


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Can Anyone Learn To Sing

Do you want to be a good singer. In this video, discussed about how can you learn to sing.

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The Biggest Music Events in the United States

The comeback of musical performances in 2021 was rough, with questions lingering about whether big-scale music events with enormous crowds were safe to attend. Music festivals are a tradition for loyal supporters and one of the greatest prospects to watch a jam-packed day consisting of thrilling up-and-coming and heritage performers, even though many lineups tend to appear identical.

If you want to get out and try to be more lively, give a break from listening to classical music and enjoy jamming with the following musical events.

Biggest Musical Events in the USA

Here is the list of the famous and most lively musical events in the US.

Coachella in Indio

Yes, of course, this California event became known just to be a celeb-spotting haven, but that shouldn’t take away from the stellar lineup it puts together each year, which probably involves the hottest up-and-comers, pop icons at the pinnacle of their powers (think of Ariana Grande and Beyoncé), and a few luscious special editions.

Lollapalooza in Chicago

The once-roving Lollapalooza, founded by Jane’s Addiction vocalist and silver pants fan Perry Ferrell in 1991, has since settled in Chicago’s Grant Park, scenically backed by Lake Michigan and the rising downtown skyline. Agonists remain aware: Lolla continues to trend younger and younger as the throng has swelled well through the six figures.

Outside Lands in San Francisco

The festival takes place in the most beautiful and expansive park in the United States, Golden Gate Park, on San Francisco’s breathtaking thumb.

How to Sell Your Music By Selling Printed Merch

Music promotion is a tough job. It requires a lot of time and resources to promote your music. If you are an indie band, it is even tougher because you have to do it all by yourself. In this article, we will discuss how artists can promote their music through merch. For example, you can use branded towels, t-shirts, and mugs to print a design with your logo. These branded merch items are available on Zeev.

Sell Your Music By Selling Your CDs And Merch

The process of selling merch is pretty straightforward:

– Set up your own online store or use an existing one like Zazzle or Redbubble.

– Create and design your products.

– Promote your products on social media

– Check out the marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, or sites like Zeev if you want to sell handmade items

Indie bands are promoting their music by selling printed merch with their logo or brand

Indie bands are always looking for ways to promote their music. They have to work hard to get their name out there, and merch is one of the best ways to do so.

The most important thing is that you should have a clear idea of what your band stands for, and what you want your audience to feel when they wear your merch.

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The Current State of Music Merch and Its Future Trajectory

The current state of musical merch is the idea of productized music. It is the idea that we can buy physical and digital goods that are related to our favorite artists.

The future trajectory of this industry will depend on how many content consumers want, what they want to buy, and how they want to consume it.

Music merch has a huge potential as it is one of the most popular products in the world. It also has a huge market because there are so many different artists out there and listeners have so many options when it comes to what they listen to.

Conclusion: Sell your music with merch

Music merch is a way for artists to make money on their music. It is becoming more popular as musicians are trying to find new ways to sell their music.

There are many ways that musicians can sell their merch, but the most popular way is through major music distributors like CD Baby and Tunecore. These distributors take care of the logistics and let the artist focus on what they do best: creating great music.

The Rise of Music Clubs and How They Are Changing the Music Industry

What is a music club and why do they need to exist in this day and age?

Music clubs are a new way to consume music and a way for people to share their passion for music. They are a place where you can hear new artists and learn about different genres of music. Music club administration software by Campai is a great tool to help administrators of these clubs manage their members by facilitating their members’ area (mitgliederbereich). It makes work a lot easier and makes member engagement easy.

Music clubs are important because they provide an opportunity for people to share their passion for music with others who like the same genre of music. Music clubs also provide an opportunity to discover new artists and genres of music that you may not be familiar with.

Music is such an important part of our lives that it should not be limited to just one type of platform or medium. The rise in popularity of the new music club provides a place where people can enjoy, listen, and share what they love without all the limitations that other mediums have.

The Role of Music Clubs in the Current Music Industry

In this day and age, music clubs are becoming a more and more popular way for people to listen to new music. Some of the reasons for having a music club are that it can help artists get their name out there, it can provide an experience that is different from other traditional ways of listening to music like on Spotify, and it can also provide a place for people to connect with each other.

Music clubs have been around for decades but have recently seen a resurgence in popularity due to the rise of streaming services like Spotify. This has caused many musicians who were previously not able to make money off their music because they were unable to get enough listeners. Now, they have an easier way to get their name out there.

Music clubs give artists a chance at getting their name out there while also providing an experience

How Does Your Content Become More Popular on Social Media Sites?

There are many ways in which your content can become more popular on social media sites.

Some of these include the following:

  • Using social media to reach more people
  • Using social media to promote your content
  • Providing a valuable service or product

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Conclusion: Why is there a need for Music Clubs

Music clubs are a good way to meet new people, make friends, and have fun. They also provide a safe environment for people to express themselves through their favorite music genre.

As the population of millennials increases, there is a need for more music clubs in the world. The reason why there is a need for music clubs is that they provide an opportunity for people to meet new people and express themselves through their favorite music genre.


Ways of Sharing Musical Resources to Music Students

As the pandemic touches everyone’s daily living, virtual learning has become the new normal for several students, parents, and instructors. The same is true when it comes to learning and teaching music. Although it may be a significant adjustment for some, ways to maintain the motivation of each other exist most likely if they know the importance of music education.

As we go along, here are a few methods by which you, as a teacher, can virtually share numerous resorts with your students. This aims to let them learn at the same level as they would in your actual classroom.

Different Ways of Sharing Musical Resources through Virtual Education


Email is one of the most popular ways to connect online. You’ll need to know your students’ email addresses to disseminate resources with them using this way. Although, a school email address is normally provided to them when they start.


Some files are too huge to share over email; in such a case, we can utilize a tool like Dropbox. Dropbox is a service that allows you to upload files and establish permissions so that others can access and edit them if you want them to.


Screen sharing is possible if you want to share a resource while teaching online using an application like Zoom. You only have the resource open in another tab on a computer screen. This is a wonderful idea if you want to chat about anything while pointing out different items, and it can function similarly to an interactive whiteboard on your end.

What Are the Best Music Streaming Services You Could Use?

There are a lot of music streaming services available in the market today, but not all of them are the same. You can subscribe or make a payment through your credit card. If you run into issues when making a purchase, check out YouReviewIt tech support guides!

Here are some popular music streaming services to help you make an informed decision on which service best fits your needs.

Spotify Music Streaming Services

Spotify is one of the most popular and well-known music streaming services. It has over 40 million active users and offers a variety of features such as offline listening, artist profiles, recommendations, and more. It also has a free ad-supported version that allows users to listen without ads for up to three hours per day.

Apple Music Streaming Services

Apple Music is another popular service that offers both ad-supported and premium versions at different price points. The ad-supported version includes access to over 30 million songs for free with no time limit or data usage, while the premium version includes access to ad-free music streaming and stations curated by artists.

Tidal Music Streaming Services

Tidal is another popular music streaming service that offers both ad-supported and premium versions. However, their ads are not as intrusive as those found on Spotify or Apple Music. The ad-supported version includes access to over 41 million songs for free.

YouTube Music Streaming Services

YouTube Music is a music streaming service that offers both ad-supported and premium versions. The ad-supported version includes access to over 40 million songs for free, while the premium version includes access to ad-free music streaming and stations curated by artists. Premium subscription services do not offer as much freedom of choice as their free counterparts – but in return, they provide users with a more consistent, customized experience.

Which Music Streaming Service Is Right for You?

There are many music streaming services out there, but only a few of them are worth your time. Here’s what you should look for in a music service to make sure it’s the one for you.

  • Free trial period

  • Device compatibility

  • Supported file formats

  • File sharing and streaming

  • Music library organization

  • Social features (like Twitter)

  • No ads

  • No data limits

  • Good selection of songs and albums

  • Easy to use interface

  • Competitive pricing plan

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Regardless of the music streaming service you choose, it all boils down to your ease of access. So it’s always best to try out their free trial period to give you that hands-on experience. Grab the chance to navigate through the songs and albums they have to offer.


Jose Rizal – The Novelist But Not The Musician

Dr. Jose P. Rizal – Philippines national hero, known for his literary works like Noli Me Tangere and El Felibusterismo He was a poet, an essayist, and a novelist. His works inspired reformists and revolutionists to fight for the freedom of the Filipinos.

The Voice of Jose Rizal

Musik, Maestro?

Rizal as a Musician? Music took a crucial component in all Filipino get-togethers in Europe, from Barcelona to Paris, and other urban centers of the English community. Filipinos are remarkably talented, they can sing well and even play an instrument.

In the Luna Studio and in the home of Pardo de Taveras, every get-together came to life with playing instruments or singing the kundiman and other melodies from the Philippines. Rizal admitted that he had no natural love for music but he pursued music because his schoolmates in Ateneo de Manila took music lessons. (source: Jose Rizal: Life, Works, And Writings by Gregorio F Zaide)

Jose Rizal did not sing well but he can definitely play the piano, flute, and solfeggio. Like many people today can play the guitar as one of the basic instruments in music, Rizal surprisingly cannot pluck or strum a guitar.

Rizal and His Musical Inclination

While Rizal was not so adept in music, he is found excellent in the field of science and medicine, literature, and art (among others).

A remark from Mrs. Asuncion Bantug (Rizal’s grand-niece) quotes “among the all the arts, Rizal’s first love was music.” But, music hardly embraced his love. His colleague, Dr. Galicano Apacible, remembered “Rizal even had a hard time to whistle or hum a very simple tune. When he tried it, the melody he produce turned out to be out of tune.” Yet motivated to stand out in music, Rizal learned to play the flute. He practiced hard until he almost perfected it. He also learned the solfeggio, the piano, and enlisted in voice culture.

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Rizal had not been considered as an outstanding flutist or maybe vocalist nonetheless he proceeded with his musical preferences by writing his very own songs. Almost all of the songs had been his poems which were set to have musical beats. His famous novels, “Noli Me Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo” likewise included a number of paragraphs and sources regarding music.

Amongst his noted compositions are Alin Mang Lahi, Kundiman ni Rizal, and Leonor.


Classical Concert to Watch Out at DC Area

Are you a fan of classical music? Well, then, rejoice! Live music has returned, and the spring season is in complete swing. This article will give you a bird’s-eye view of the season’s brightest highlights, but there’s a lot more to offer in-store this spring season.

Classical Concerts at DC

Below are some of the classical music events that will surely soothe your soul. Check these out and make your way to the DC to listen to them!

Folger Consort

Returning to St. Mark’s Church on Capitol Hill, the Folger Shakespeare Library, one of the oldest music ensemble-in-residence, wants to give a good taste of spring concerts. On March 4-6, they’ll be playing music from the legendary “Viennese School” – Maximilian I’s court concentrating on compositions of Ludwig Senfl, a composer during the 16th century.

Virginia Opera

With a complete production of Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro,” the group comes back. The regionally traveling performance will debut on March 25-27 in Norfolk; followed on April 1 and 3 in Richmond’s Carpenter Theatre and on April 9-10 at the Fairfax’s George Mason University Center for the Arts.

Phillips Collection

Great numbers of in-person tickets are already sold out in January for the Phillips Collection’s spring performances. However, the museum compensated for the small capacity storage of the Music Room by live-streaming each of its Sunday Concerts.


Listen to Music while Driving



Today, many cars offer the possibility of listening to music while driving. Some are highly efficient with state-of-the-art connectivity. And, for good reason, most drivers listen to music most of the time while driving, from habits, or for fun. But is that always a good idea? Are the impact of music on driving and the mood of the driver always positive?

Rules in Listening to music while Driving

Of course, listening to music in the car is permitted, in your van, in your 2021 Honda crv, in your truck, etc. Music and audio recordings about that. The driver is not eligible to use a non-navigable screen (GPS type) in his field of view. But it is possible to listen to news, radio, and audiobooks. The only legal limitation is the perception of traffic noise, which cannot be reduced.

For this reason, wearing a helmet or headphones is prohibited under a penalty of 3 points loss and a fine of € 135. Similarly, the volume of the music should not be too loud. If police officers believe that the volume of your music is preventing you from hearing the sound outside your car, they can fine you up to € 75.

Music Effects

It is clear that music affects mood and concentration. But what about driving a car? Studies show that music can significantly reduce stress. And its effects can already be measured at the chemical level of the brain: listening to music increases the production of the hedonic hormone dopamine.

Heart rate is also generally low. And in the car, it sometimes helps a lot. Being ahead of traffic in the midst of rush hours in the midst of other drivers is far less annoying with soothing background noise.

Music selection is important

But be careful. If the rhythm of the music is too strong, the driver may speed up and adopt a more “nervous” driving style. Enjoy singing and listening to your favorite “high energy” truck songs while driving. But don’t get hooked and adjust the tempo to the music.

Conversely, for long journeys and fatigue, soft classical music may not be the ideal choice. Every moment or every vehicle has implicit music that isn’t intended to irritate or put you to sleep, but on the contrary, it stabilizes the driver in a calm concentration.

The driver controls his driving conditions

The driver should never force himself to be exposed to music or unpleasant levels of noise determined by other vehicle occupants. The latter needs to understand that pilot comfort is prioritized over one’s own comfort, and the safety of everyone is at stake. Feel free to ask us to change the register or adjust the volume. Even silence. Music should continue to be fun, not necessarily essential.



2021 Top-paid Musicians

If you want to have an idea who are the highest earning musicians of last year, well, here is a list for you.

1-Bruce Springsteen

Money Earned: $590 million

Last December 2021, Springsteen sold his recordings and copyright musics to Sony. He earned as much as $550 million and renowned him as the highest sale of solo artist.


Money Earned: $470 million

The first billionaire on the hip-hop industry, Jay-Z generally got the top yearly earnings in his whole career. Part of his portfolio is his joint partnership with two of the most famous companies – Puma and Tiffany & Co.

3-Ryan Tedder

Money Earned: $200 million

Tedder is the frontman of OneRepublic. In 2017, he made a catalog sale of around $60 million. And, just January of 2021, he got home an amount of $200 million.

4-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Money Earned: $145 million

Just in May 2021, this rock band sold their publishing to Hipgnosis. The band were said to banked up to $140 million for the list of the band’s musics that was written throughout their 5 decades career. Now, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are  working on a new project.

5-Taylor Swift

Money Earned: $80 million

The only rose among the thorns, Taylor Swift lands on the last spot on the list. Her rerecorded and rereleasing some musics topped the charts when it comes to total sales. Peloton and Starbucks are included in her portfolio as partners.

The Importance of Music Education


Secondary Level I Contemporary Music

People in our country have always taken a somewhat vague attitude towards music. A significant portion of the bourgeoisie recognized that music and its basic dynamics should be a necessary part of any education.

But on the other hand, the government only increased the costs associated with such music education. I thought it wouldn’t be very rewarding.



The observation that music should be relaxed has led music education to tackle this relaxing element. Presentations are more important than content, and most importantly, the content must be fun. Music really requires a lot of effort. It is a product of the work of the brain.

A product that suddenly changed in bourgeois society and became a mere object of beauty. But above all, music is a way of thinking that comes from society and social relationships. Therefore, in a broader sense, music is part of a culture that arises from the same social relationship.


Music education leads to knowledge

From the thinking process of recognition of social connections and insights into people. The main problem lies in the fact that music is a nonverbal means of communication (the music itself cannot be connected to concrete reality without the association).


Music requires the ability of listeners to abstract

But for a long time music was considered an art of sensation rather than an art of understanding. As the misunderstandings about the technical phenomena of music increased, we came to the conclusion that it was not possible to understand music.


Musical Features

The sound of the belief, which reflects the order of the class, is thought-provoking and reflects the higher. Indeed, due to the passage of time in this music, due to the symbolic value it has, it requires considerable concentration to understand, and as it is now.

Concentration and receptivity: willingness, knowledge, and curiosity to listen.


Natural Music

Music lessons, drawing lessons and other expressive subjects can teach you to ask yourself questions and pursue your own answers. But the music profession, when used correctly, rather than as a casual playtime, spinning nice records and tinkering with sounds, with the use also of the internet, different websites, applications, and other helpful links, can enrich the human spirit more than most people.

Other professions in the world today must be taken seriously as full-fledged professions. Education package.



2021 Greatest Books for Music

If you love music and, at the same time, are fond of reading, here are some of the best music books to read. Before ending the year 2021 and you want to file up your music knowledge, have a look at the following books below.

Greatest Music Books of 2021

Have your pen and paper ready and take note of these good books for your music passion.

1-Rememberings by Sandycove

Memoirs don’t always have to be sad and regretful.
O’Connor is a great prose writer, even though she insists on the contrary. This music book has been filled with bitterness becomes suffused with humor as well; forgiveness can start at any time – but only if you allow it.

2-Major Labels: A History of Popular Music in Seven Genres by Canongate

The author’s exploration of musical tribalism is a provocative look at the world and how we play our roles within it through music. The book contains many points of view that you may not agree with. But, you can’t help being fascinated by, as he makes his case for why genres matter, even if they’re dismissed by others or ourselves; this includes rock ‘n’ roll, r&b Hip Hop among them!

3-Lyrics: 1956 to the Present by Allen Lane

Immersing yourself in this book is an experience like no other. With their plethora of beautiful photographs and collected ephemera, it’s hard not to be captivated by these vintage treasures from another time period!



iReal Pro App – An App For Singing Training

iReal Pro App is available for Android, MacOs and iOs. It can be used on smartphones, tablets, and computers. It costs a one-time fee of 14.99 euros. They offer no free version.

How to Use iReal Pro App

iReal Pro is a play-along app that contains a variety of playbacks for songs of different styles. In addition, there are various chord changes exercises (also as playback), which are specially made for jazz musicians. Different jazz styles or chord progressions can be practiced here.

The playbacks simulate a band. The sound is not particularly inspiring and these recordings cannot be compared to a real band either, but here you have the opportunity to set keys, rhythms, tempos, and volume ratios individually. The volume of the various instruments can be regulated via a mixer, and tempos can be changed very quickly using the slide function. With the large selection of rhythms, there is something for everyone. In addition to the usual jazz grooves/swing, you can set everything from glam funk to bluegrass to tango Argentino – so you can play around and try out a lot in the iReal Pro app. In addition, many more songs can be downloaded from playlists from the iReal Pro forum.

If you want, you can practice improvising on the chord changes for hours, because the playback continues continuously unless you press the stop button. The chart only shows the chords and the form parts, but not the melody or text. In addition, you can set larger chord diagrams for guitar, piano, or ukulele.

I think the app is a good way to practice songs that you already know or know. Unfortunately, there is no melody function for those who are new to the song.

The band only plays the accompaniment. Because there is neither an intro nor a starting tone. So you have to use the accompanying chords to hear where the melody is – very awkward. Grades would help. However, you have to do without it with I Real Pro. In this respect, I think the app is only of limited use for singers.