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7 Musicians Being Real on Instagram

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We all know Instagram: flawless bodies, profileless influencers and advertising hidden everywhere. With some artists even getting Instagram likes for sale to gain more followers and show their best looks, authentic insights and real feelings often fall by the wayside. But some musicians fall out of line and defend themselves against smooth-ironed social media content.

We present to you the 7 artists with the most honest Instagram appearance!


Eminem wants to fill its social media channels with the content itself in the future. So far, his management had taken over, but in an Instagram video, he now showed himself personally on the phone. He wrote on Twitter:

Everyone thinks I don’t write my own tweets, but I wrote this one.

The tweet went totally steep. Let’s see what profound news is still waiting for us.


For years, P!nk has been committed to eliminating outdated images of women and gender roles. The self-staging on social platforms also annoys P!nk totally:

Social media leads everyone to think the other has a much cooler life. No! Instagram is not real life.

And it goes one step further:

I wanted to start an account where I only show the bad things: For example, how I really look when I wake up.

And indeed, the singer can also be seen unvarnished on her Instagram account.


Rihanna’s Instagram appearance seems pretty normal at first: beautiful, almost too-perfect photos, paired with product placements.

But then there are those moments when it gets personal and you realize which topics really touch Rihanna. For example, on the occasion of her own birthday: Instead of letting herself be celebrated, her birthday post on Instagram becomes a declaration of love to her mother.

The woman I am today exists only through all that you are!

You just can’t get enough of such moments.


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Lady Gaga also uses her social media channels to address issues that are close to her heart! On the occasion of the #marchforourlives campaign for stricter gun laws in the USA, she posted several photos and videos of herself at the demonstrations. In a video she makes a clear statement:

Schools should not be a place where children fear for their lives.


Milky Chance can be real talking heads! In their Instagram stories, the guys from Kassel regularly prove how much fun they have together.

The absolute highlight: On their tour through Spain they forgot their live guitarist Antonio at the rest stop.

Otherwise, they also like to convert their tour bus into a recording studio!


Adele proves on Instagram that you don’t always have to look flawless and post the supposedly “perfect” photo to charm millions of people.

That’s why the 29-year-old sometimes shows herself without make-up or grimacing in a bathrobe. Also for #womensmarch2018, Adele campaigns for women’s rights and writes:

The most influential people in my life have always been women.


Ed Sheeran proves with his social media presence that it is important to be able to laugh at yourself. He writes about a photo of himself in swimming shorts lying in the sun:

I thank God for sunscreen SPF 50.

Keep it up, Teddy! The self-irony just makes him even cooler! Not to forget: Ed Sheeran also has probably the funniest bodyguard in the world!