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Understanding the Impact of Music While Gaming

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Can you actually listen to music while playing games like Call of Dragons (check out Call of Dragons Guides to learn how to play this game) or does it distract you too much? This is certainly a question that many a gamer has already asked himself and on which there are different opinions. The fact is, however, that many gamers like to spoil their ears with music while wandering through virtual worlds.

However, it is certainly difficult to give a general answer to the initial question. How strong the actual distraction from the game is, certainly depends on the volume and type of music.

Increase entertainment value with background music

Basically, you can define the following rule for music in computer games: The more action and fast reactions a game requires, the more music can distract you while gaming. For example, if you play a strategy game, quiet background music can sustainably increase the entertainment value. Often, for example, browser games seem rather long-winded if you don’t have some distraction on the side.

In action games or real-time strategy games that require a high degree of concentration, music could also be disturbing. Here sometimes the question plays a role, whether you play only a loose round or perhaps an ESL match. Here would be without Teamspeak and Co in the game.


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MP3s, cloud streaming, and web radio

The way you consume music on the computer today has diversified a lot. In the past, almost everyone hoarded an MP3 collection on their PC. In the meantime, web services are often used, some of which allow free streaming, whereby advertising is of course also to be expected here, which can be quite disturbing when gambling. Cloud streaming, such as Ampya, is probably the more elegant alternative. In addition to pure sound, you can also play the appropriate music videos here. Under this link, you can find the current videos of Coldplay.

Whether it’s Coldplay or you have a different taste in music, with a premium subscription you can enjoy exactly the songs you listen to and the music videos you want to watch. As background entertainment while gaming, Ampya, and other strata services are certainly the ideal solutions.