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Listen to Music while Driving



Today, many cars offer the possibility of listening to music while driving. Some are highly efficient with state-of-the-art connectivity. And, for good reason, most drivers listen to music most of the time while driving, from habits, or for fun. But is that always a good idea? Are the impact of music on driving and the mood of the driver always positive?

Rules in Listening to music while Driving

Of course, listening to music in the car is permitted, in your van, in your 2021 Honda crv, in your truck, etc. Music and audio recordings about that. The driver is not eligible to use a non-navigable screen (GPS type) in his field of view. But it is possible to listen to news, radio, and audiobooks. The only legal limitation is the perception of traffic noise, which cannot be reduced.

For this reason, wearing a helmet or headphones is prohibited under a penalty of 3 points loss and a fine of € 135. Similarly, the volume of the music should not be too loud. If police officers believe that the volume of your music is preventing you from hearing the sound outside your car, they can fine you up to € 75.

Music Effects

It is clear that music affects mood and concentration. But what about driving a car? Studies show that music can significantly reduce stress. And its effects can already be measured at the chemical level of the brain: listening to music increases the production of the hedonic hormone dopamine.

Heart rate is also generally low. And in the car, it sometimes helps a lot. Being ahead of traffic in the midst of rush hours in the midst of other drivers is far less annoying with soothing background noise.

Music selection is important

But be careful. If the rhythm of the music is too strong, the driver may speed up and adopt a more “nervous” driving style. Enjoy singing and listening to your favorite “high energy” truck songs while driving. But don’t get hooked and adjust the tempo to the music.

Conversely, for long journeys and fatigue, soft classical music may not be the ideal choice. Every moment or every vehicle has implicit music that isn’t intended to irritate or put you to sleep, but on the contrary, it stabilizes the driver in a calm concentration.

The driver controls his driving conditions

The driver should never force himself to be exposed to music or unpleasant levels of noise determined by other vehicle occupants. The latter needs to understand that pilot comfort is prioritized over one’s own comfort, and the safety of everyone is at stake. Feel free to ask us to change the register or adjust the volume. Even silence. Music should continue to be fun, not necessarily essential.