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A Perfect Gift For Music Lovers


Perfection has a name: Big Band of the Bundeswehr. The orchestra performed for the first time in Lübbecke. On the market square, in front of more than 2500 listeners, the most popular big band in Europe delivered a great, unforgettable show.

The charity event was the »Baby« by Maik Brune. He had brought the big band to Lübbecke – with great personal commitment and the firm intention of collecting a lot of money for a good cause. “I remained very, very persistent and followed the orchestra several times. A year and a half ago I had a long conversation with the tour manager in Soltau. What finally convinced him was that a private person goes to so much trouble organizing a benefit concert. That’s why I got the final commitment a year ago. For nine months now, not a day has passed when I had nothing to do with the planning of the event. Now I know how a woman must feel during pregnancy.”

Highest expectations exceeded

The performance of the Big Band of the Bundeswehr exceeded even the highest expectations. The technical effort was gigantic: the largest mobile stage in Germany, a spectacular light show, and two cameras that moved orchestras and soloists into the right picture for the huge LED wall. In addition, a sound that was second to none. Superlatives wherever you looked. But for this orchestra, that wasn’t even an exaggeration.


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Under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Timor Oliver Chadik, the Big Band offered entertainment at its finest. Every single musician had soloistic qualities. Together they formed a top-class orchestra that felt equally at home in jazz, rock, pop, and classical music. “They will still experience their blue miracle today,” tour manager Johannes Langendorf, who shared the moderation with orchestra director Chadik, had promised the audience before the start of the concert. And that’s exactly how it happened. Only the white uniforms were reminiscent of the military background of the orchestra. No marches, no hymns. Instead, refined arrangements by Prince and Robbie Williams, Amy Winehouse and Justin Timberlake, James Last, and Duke Ellington. You have to be able to do so much colorfulness. The Big Band of the Bundeswehr could – and how.

Special moments

That’s why the audience could look forward to many special moments: The well-known title melody of the animated series »Familie Feuerstein«, played only on timpani? Percussionist Martin Eßer led the way. Adele’s title song from the James Bond film »Skyfall«? No problem for singer Jemma Endersby. Take a holiday from everyday life and dream of the “Biscay” with »Hansi« Last as a travel guide? Pianist Frank Siegemund picked up the accordion and made it possible.

Just like long-lasting roses, this live performance was a perfect gift. None of the listeners who were able to experience the Big Band of the Bundeswehr in Lübbecke will forget that so quickly. And the donation amount that Maik Brune announced towards the end of the benefit concert was also impressive: About 39,000 euros had come from private and company donations, which now go in equal parts to the Lübbecker Land Tafel and the association »Brass for Peace«.