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Tips for a Successful Youtube Channel

Songs lovers now mostly use YouTube to discover new music online. This is why it’s crucial that your YouTube channel showcases your music in a visually appealing and interesting manner.

Several pointers for creating a YouTube channel that interests viewers, increase youtube views, and promotes music sales

1. Utilize a unique YouTube channel photo as your background.

By selecting Themes & Colors and then Advanced Options while logged into your YouTube account, you can customize the look of your channel page. For your YouTube channel page backdrop, you may upload it right here.

2. Select “Musician” as your channel type.

You can choose “Musician” as your channel type when you’re logged into your YouTube account, browse to your channel, and click “Settings” from there. By turning on the “events dates” feature, you can now enter performer details and publish a calendar of performance dates.

3. Include a link to your website so people can purchase your CD.

While linking to your website is beneficial, the best method to promote sales is to create a link that directs followers to your buy page on iTunes, CD Baby, or your website.

You must be able to add your own buy icons utilizing your album artwork as long as you have chosen musician as your channel type.

You can also include a text link to your album in the channel summary or the “about me” section.

Entering the URL of your store page will cause YouTube to generate a link to it.

4. Give your channel and your videos tags.

Tags are crucial. Tags are terms that make it easier for users to find your video on YouTube. What will your viewers search for to locate your video on YouTube? Include venue names, your band’s name (both the proper and incorrect spelling), song titles, city, state, genre, and other pertinent keywords in your film tags. You will therefore have a far better likelihood of showing up first when someone puts in a search for your song or band.

Look under Settings to add tags to your YouTube channel.

5. Include various video content types.

Change things up. Not every video needs to be a classic music video. Ask your bandmates questions. Query your followers. See this article for information on the 12 different types of music video promotion.