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Professions In The Music Industry

The list of professions involving music is almost as long as the list of training courses. Professions in the music industry are the dream of many people and are highly sought after. If you want to get a job in the music industry, you can check Job Board Fire.

Careers in the music industry

The professions range from classical sound engineer to composer. For some of the careers in music, you need a high school diploma and subsequent studies in addition to your love of music. In the latter, you will learn the basics of music theory, for example, and delve even deeper into the topic and your chosen focus.

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Sound engineer/audio engineer: Make sure the sound is good

Sound technicians are mainly found in the studio or live. You can also find them on TV and radio stations, usually even with a permanent position. In this profession, there is always the option of becoming self-employed with a small project studio or a team of studio operators.

Producer: Interface between artists and technicians

The producer does not have clearly defined tasks in the recording studio in comparison to the mixing or mastering engineer. Nevertheless, he is a central figure in larger productions, because he is usually the interface between artists and technicians and has to bring all the requirements of production together.

Most producers are sound engineers themselves and are booked by musicians or record companies as a kind of “supervisor” who often has to act as a psychologist for sensitive artists’ souls.

Music journalist: Write about your passion

If you are talented in writing, a career as a music journalist could be just the thing for you. Music journalists write articles about new releases, attend concerts to review them or feature new artists they interview beforehand. If you enjoy working in the music industry and have the necessary know-how, you can become a successful music journalist for online media or music magazines. Even if the market is open to career changers, a degree will help you either in journalism or in music.

Music teacher at a school: Music profession with a future

Music lessons in schools have been around for a long time and are unlikely to disappear anytime soon. No wonder the job of a music teacher is a music profession with a future. You can teach music in a primary school, but also in secondary schools.

In addition to your general musical knowledge, pedagogical know-how is important so that you can pass on the content to the students and also support them in everyday school life. You should also be able to play an instrument and read music.