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BTS’ Namjoon New Album “Indigo” an “Archive of My Twenties”

The K-pop rapper and leader of the famous boy band group BTS, Kim Namjoon or known by his stage name RM, will release his first solo in December of this year.

Preparation for the First Debut Solo Album

In his upcoming debut solo album, Indigo, RM is getting ready to share his innermost thoughts and experiences from the previous few crazy years of his life.

On Tuesday (Nov. 22), the BTS rapper released an identity video preview for the project, giving fans a sneak peek at what to anticipate from the album before its December release.

What’s to Expect in “Indigo”

According to a project press release, Indigo is like one diary and will showcase RM’s numerous charms with a variety of featured artists.

The color blue naturally features prominently in the movie. More information about the project is revealed via text thirty-four seconds into the minimalist visual: “Record of RM: Indigo.” It all started with the hues of people, animals, and the like.

Aside from that, it also entails the recording of RM’s early years throughout the independent period. The old jeans faded like a sun-bleached record were also included. The video reads, “The last archive of my twenties,” and then it fades off.

Indigo was made available through BigHit last December 2 of this year, 2022.