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How to Create Your Very Own Blog About Music

Guitarist writing a blog

Music is the melody of life. Hardly anyone can live without music because music is diverse, it inspires people, brings people together, and arouses emotions. No wonder millions of people use the Internet to listen to music, make it, and share it with others. Are you a musician yourself or just a fan of good music? Don’t keep your opinion and your songs to yourself, but share them with other people. With your keyboard that you modified with the tips from Helvetica forever, start writing your own blog!

Your own music blog is not difficult

Anyone can create a blog today. A good blog can be created by people who work with Wix, for example. Because Wix is a modular system for the creation of blogs, which already combines all important elements. From design templates to SEO optimization, Wix helps its clients become part of the Internet easily and effortlessly. Not everyone has enough programming skills to shake their own website or blog out of their sleeve. With Wix, you focus on what’s important: the content of your blog!

See what others are doing

Whether charts or indie music, whether rock or pop, there are numerous people who conjure up a little more melody in life with a music blog. Before you start, it’s wise to get a little inspiration. Look at successful music blogs and find out what they do right, what appeals to you, and what you like. It is relevant to see whether a blog is internationally active and whether it has been on the net for many years. See how often new posts come, whether there are podcasts, playlists, or other interactive features!

This will give you an idea of what you want to provide yourself and share with the world. It’s not about copying the content of other blogs, but about developing a sense of your own preferences. Because if you particularly like one element of a music blog, you can use it as inspiration for your own performance.


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What is your goal?

With a music blog, it’s extremely important that you focus. A mix of all genres won’t work, you won’t match Rammstein rockers with Britney Spears fans and vice versa. Maybe you even manage to find a niche that hasn’t been used by many music bloggers so far. Because that allows you uniqueness. Ask yourself relevant questions about your focus. Will you be reporting on local artists? Are you interested in global and independent musicians? Who is your target audience? And do you want to celebrate music with your blog or do you want to criticize music that you don’t like? What will your music blog have that others haven’t put online before you? Because especially when it comes to well-known and popular musicians, you won’t be the only one with your idea! What do you have to report?

Music blogs have a long history. The first drafts consisted of a video or a song and a short, personal opinion about it. That’s not enough anymore, because if you seriously want to build a reputation as a music critic, you need passion. Therefore, the music you use should really suit your taste. Your blog must not be a collection of reviews but must be a potpourri of passion, the desire to read, and the desire to write.

To start a successful music blog, there needs to be constant traffic. Your readers should receive new information from you, get knowledge and get highlights. It’s not enough to just provide new songs. Rely on facts about your artists, stories, discussions, and maybe even interviews with bands and musicians.

Maybe you are a musician yourself and don’t want to talk about others, but about yourself. This makes it all the more important that you promote your own content in an interesting and exciting way. In the age of YouTube, there must be a reason why your music blog is the more interesting bookmark for your visitors.

Music blogs thrive on consistency

The main reason why people stop visiting a blog is that there is no new information. So if you actually want to generate and retain visitors, you need a steady expansion of your content. Share your passion with the world. Be creative, throw questions into the round, and let your readers join the discussion. While your blog is first and foremost an element that you communicate with, it’s also about interacting with others.

Once you’ve defined your goals and know what your blog will focus on consistency matters. At first, it may happen to you that you won’t have many readers. But if you regularly present 3 – 5 posts per week and later 2 – 4 posts and are always active in the world of music, then people will notice you. They will notice you, learn to appreciate you, and eventually, your blog will end up in the long list of bookmarks.