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Watch The Musical “Cabaret” In Berlin

image source: wikimedia

First of all, the musical is wonderful! After the sold-out performance, the audience applauded standing, there were many flowers, and the ensemble and the musicians were incredibly good, had a lot of fun playing and, with their passion and humor, transported the audience into Christopher’s world from the very first minute Isherwood’s “CABARET”.

Isherwood, who lived in Berlin at Schöneberger Nollendorfstraße 17 in the late 1920s, wrote about this time in his partly autobiographical novel Goodbye to Berlin, which served as the basis for the musical CABARET in the 1960s. The time was marked by the golden twenties, but also the beginning of the thirties.

In 1966 “CABARET” celebrated its premiere as a musical in New York and was awarded eleven Tonys, including in the supreme discipline “Best Musical”.

In the later film adaptation in 1972, Liza Minnelli achieved world fame and the film received eight Oscars. Watch films and movies of musicals like this for free at henof.

The performance in the TIPI

The performance at TIPI is a production by Madonna choreographer and director Vincent Paterson and has already been attended by over 300,000 spectators in Berlin. After a break, there is now another chance to see this unique production for 2 months. The performances are from 24.07. until 09/25/2022.

And everyone who doesn’t know the TIPI AM KANZLERAMT yet: buy a ticket, go there and enjoy this special ambiance of circus, variety, and adventure temple!

It is advisable to show up an hour before the performance and either in the beer garden in front of the tent with a view of the Chancellery – or in the huge tent itself – sit down at the tables for 2 or 6, order something from the menu and focus on the show agree. Important: there is no service during the show, so it is only possible before, during the break or after and if you would like a 3-course menu, this must be ordered in advance.

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And then the show starts. Above the stage, in large letters, is the lettering: KIT KAT CLUB, which most people know from today as a place of amusement with rather less clothing in Berlin, and it’s similarly fun-loving and frivolous on stage, whereas a nightclub is a place for all kinds of longings and where you can live out the utopia of erotic and political freedom for a moment and where the pleasure-seeking nightclub girl Sally has only one wish: to become famous!

The actor Oliver Urbanski describes it as follows:

“Everything that happens in this city (Berlin), the desire, the longing, the love, the suffering, the danger – it’s all contained in the play”

The performance is a mix of musical, variety, and theater with a clear plot and characters to follow. And again and again humor, slapstick, tragedy, passion, love, the private world of the characters, and current events in Berlin alternate.