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Social Media For Musicians: Important Tips

Social networks such as Facebook, MySpace or Instagram have long been an integral part of everyday life on the Internet. For musicians, these social media platforms also represent a wonderful opportunity for self-marketing.

Social media for musicians: Most important tips for beginners

Start today

This does not mean that you should now create and maintain your own profile on every single social media platform. That would be almost impossible with the mass of offers. Pick out the 2 to 3 most attractive portals for you and start there with the simple creation of your band profile. Maintaining two social profiles can and will turn into work. You can also buy cheap Instagram video views.

Strategic planning

Blind activism leads nowhere, at least not where you want to go. That’s why you should ask yourself, at the latest after creating your musician profile, what exactly you want to achieve with it and how. Basically, it would be even better to first think about the strategy and your goals and then start implementing them.

This order has the advantage that you can plan the selection of social media platforms for your self-marketing in your strategy. It is important that you consider which content should be published on which platform.

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Learn from the successful

As in all areas of life, the saying applies; learn from those who are better than you. Everyone has their own strategy and approach, so you won’t be able to simply copy their actions. But you can learn a lot from the experts. With a little brain power, you can adapt to your own situation. Don’t copy the strategies that big brands or bands show because they have completely different requirements that you cannot meet.

Niche existence

It’s important for you as a band to find your own little niche where you can shine like a lighthouse on the horizon with your music, marketing and self-promotion. And that’s why for some it’s worth thinking about social networks that work in a niche themselves.

First of all, the really big social media platforms look incredibly attractive because they have a lot of users. At a second glance, however, this also makes them difficult terrain.  There you have to deal with the big names and brands of this world.

So why not find a social network that survives in a small niche? For example, if you’re an emo band, why not find a forum with emo fans and get involved? The return of investment in such small niches is often much greater for you than in the large networks.