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iReal Pro App – An App For Singing Training

iReal Pro App is available for Android, MacOs and iOs. It can be used on smartphones, tablets, and computers. It costs a one-time fee of 14.99 euros. They offer no free version.

How to Use iReal Pro App

iReal Pro is a play-along app that contains a variety of playbacks for songs of different styles. In addition, there are various chord changes exercises (also as playback), which are specially made for jazz musicians. Different jazz styles or chord progressions can be practiced here.

The playbacks simulate a band. The sound is not particularly inspiring and these recordings cannot be compared to a real band either, but here you have the opportunity to set keys, rhythms, tempos, and volume ratios individually. The volume of the various instruments can be regulated via a mixer, and tempos can be changed very quickly using the slide function. With the large selection of rhythms, there is something for everyone. In addition to the usual jazz grooves/swing, you can set everything from glam funk to bluegrass to tango Argentino – so you can play around and try out a lot in the iReal Pro app. In addition, many more songs can be downloaded from playlists from the iReal Pro forum.

If you want, you can practice improvising on the chord changes for hours, because the playback continues continuously unless you press the stop button. The chart only shows the chords and the form parts, but not the melody or text. In addition, you can set larger chord diagrams for guitar, piano, or ukulele.

I think the app is a good way to practice songs that you already know or know. Unfortunately, there is no melody function for those who are new to the song.

The band only plays the accompaniment. Because there is neither an intro nor a starting tone. So you have to use the accompanying chords to hear where the melody is – very awkward. Grades would help. However, you have to do without it with I Real Pro. In this respect, I think the app is only of limited use for singers.