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Importance of Property Maintenance for Community Housing

property maintenance workerProperty maintenance is the collective actions undertaken by a maintenance service provider like C&B to keep residential structures like apartments safe and operating in the best condition. Regular maintenance of community housing is particularly important to prevent further damage if the necessary repair is not accomplished quickly.

The quality of community housing deteriorates over time at a faster rate of wear and tear than custom-made houses. That is why providers of community housing are expected to draw up an action plan for long term maintenance. Doing so ensures that the community houses are maintained in accordance with the applicable standards of their useful life.

Poor Drainage Affect the Living Conditions in Community Houses

flood water Flood water or stormwater makes moving around impossible. In worse scenarios, flood water destroys buildings if the drainage system does not prevent stormwater from seeping into the foundations of a community housing built as a low-cost home. Long term plans for property maintenance therefore must include regular inspection of drainage systems.

Lack of maintenance canals, incessant littering of dumps and industrial wastes in a community are common causes of flooding that worsens over time. The drainage problems caused by those aforementioned community problems are best provided with greater attention and countermeasures. That way, the adverse effects of such community problems will not destroy the foundations of community houses.

Moreover, poor maintenance of drainage systems that are faulty from the start, will pose serious threats to public health.

First off, they are liable to form pools of stagnant water that promote the spread of disease-causing pathogens. The presence of blocked drainages comes with unpleasant odor. Stagnant water makes people living in community houses vulnerable to various kinds of diseases; such as respiratory ailments, skin diseases, and diarrhea, just to mention a few.

Examples of Drainage Problem Measures Offered as Solutions by C&B Property Maintenance

The following are some examples of drainage solution recommended by C & B Property Maintenance:
1. Channel drains, which are simple types of trench drains but with a dominant trough that allows the rapid transport of surface water or rainwater runoffs into larger drains.

2. French Drains are trenches filled with perforated pipes and different-sized gravel that permits water to drain out of a yard efficiently.

3. Gutter drains are capable of drawing and taking root water away from the house. They are usually paved trenches or pipes placed along the side of a road, to carry rain water to a larger drain area.